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Cameron accused of letting Britain 'sleepwalk out of Europe'

Publié par Clifford Armion le 19/11/2012

Andrew Grice

David Cameron will be accused by Labour of allowing Britain to "sleepwalk" to the exit door of the European Union as he faces virtual isolation at a summit to discuss the EU budget.
Ed Miliband will tell the CBI's annual conference today that rising Euroscepticism in the Conservative Party and the country makes this a very dangerous moment for Britain and British business. While insisting that Labour remains a pro-European party, he will admit that the EU's failings need to be addressed and that Europhiles must remake the case for the Union rather than turn a "blind eye" to its problems.
The Labour leader was accused of opportunism last month when his party joined forces with Tory Europhobes to defeat the Government by calling for a cut in the EU budget for 2014-20. Today he will suggest that was a temporary alliance, saying: "Those of us, like me, who passionately believe that Britain is stronger in the EU cannot be silent in a situation like this. I will not allow our country to sleepwalk toward exit because it would be a betrayal of our national interest."
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