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Cabbies working longer hours and facing increased risks

Publié par Clifford Armion le 16/03/2010

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Dan Simmons and Georgia Garvey

"Cabdriver Salih Abdelsamie felt the steel blade pressed against his throat early one morning at the end of a ride on the city's North Side. ""He reached the knife around with his right hand and brought his left hand around the seat to hold my neck," the 13-year veteran of Chicagoland roads said of the mugging. "He told me, I want all your money.'" "Abdelsamie and other local cabbies discussed the hazards of their challenging work in light of recent high-profile attacks on other drivers. In the most dramatic incident, a driver was shot five times Saturday by a passenger in Zion. His wife said Monday that he had been driving a cab for just two months after getting laid off from his last job. He was in stable condition and expected to survive." Read on...
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