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Britain braces for weeks of transport chaos

Publié par Clifford Armion le 17/12/2010

Jonathan Brown

"Britain is gritting its teeth and its roads today in anticipation of the return of Arctic conditions, with heavy snow and ice storms likely to bring wide-scale disruption. With many parts of the country only just beginning to return to normal after weeks of sub-zero temperatures, the Met Office said up to 25cm of snow was expected to fall in parts of Scotland, North Wales, Northern Ireland and the West Country. Overnight temperatures were likely to plunge to -12C on high ground and to -5C in London over the weekend. Today, the mercury is unlikely to rise much above freezing point even in major cities.

"Last night, snow showers were already reaching the outskirts of London, and some flights from Heathrow were delayed. Scotrail services to the Highlands were also hit. At Aberdeen airport, snow had been falling heavily from first light resulting in delays and cancellations throughout the day.

"Network Rail said its fleet of 21 anti-icing vehicles was once again on standby while passenger groups demanded there be no re-run of the chaotic scenes two weeks ago when trains in the South-east were halted by frozen rails."

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