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Binge-drinking can go the way of smoking

Publié par Clifford Armion le 16/02/2012

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Steve Richards

Often in government a policy surfaces from nowhere and comes to have more impact than those that attract a mountain of words in the media. Harold Wilson's introduction of the Open University is one such example; his most life-enhancing policy as Prime Minister and one that got virtually no attention in advance, at least compared with his long forgotten pay policies.

Think also of the one measure implemented by Tony Blair that will have more positive impact on the NHS and people's lives than all his reforms and increased investment, important though the higher spending was. Let us raise a glass to the smoking ban in public places, a policy hardly mentioned in all the books about the New Labour era and which attracted relatively little attention at the time of implementation, compared with, say, a row between Gordon Brown and Blair over the wording of a speech on Europe. Of course, there were blazing disagreements over NHS reform, too, but the resulting policies, let alone those being considered by Andrew Lansley, don't save anywhere near as much money or as many lives as the ban will eventually do.

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