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Big freeze brings ice, snow and now potholes

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/04/2010

Lewis Smith

"As if ice and snow were not enough, the Arctic conditions gripping the country are causing roads to break up and potholes to appear. Temperatures have been so low for so long that roads are deteriorating much faster than is normally expected, creating "especially treacherous" driving conditions.

"Last night, forecasters said there was little sign of an end to the freezing weather caused by a blast of cold air that dumped thick snow across most of Scotland and Northern England. "Very cold air is coming from the Arctic," said Robin Downton, of the Met Office. "Every now and then some warmer air slips in between Iceland and Scotland and that's what's bringing the snow. I can't see any end to it at least until after next weekend."

"The icy roads have been made more treacherous by potholes. Tens of millions of pounds of damage has already been caused by expansion and contraction of road surfaces as temperatures change, and the final bill could exceed £100m." Read more...
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