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At last, Mr Cameron calls in the grown-ups

Publié par Clifford Armion le 28/03/2013

Benedict Brogan

Two significant announcements from No 10 this morning that should give the carpers (yes, I include myself) something to cheer quietly about. John Hayes is leaving the energy brief to become the Prime Minister's senior parliamentary adviser. He remains a minister, but is assigned to the Cabinet Office (where as an IDS loyalist he can renew links with Francis Maude – that should be fun). Sam Gyimah stays on as PPS – No10 is clear that despite mutterings from backbenchers Mr Cameron values his work. This should be seen as a reinforcement of the team, but also an acknowledgment that work needs to be done to rebuild relations between the PM and his troops. Mr Hayes is of the traditionalist right, a leading light in Cornerstone. No10 hopes that by deploying his energies on reconnecting Mr Cameron with his core supporters, he will help develop a re-energised Toryism after two years of Coalition centrism. There's a big push going on, with No10 advisers being deployed to the Commons (specifically the PCH coffee shop) to hold talks with MPs to garner their views about the operation, Dave, and what can be improved. Mr Cameron has been inviting in small groups of MPs, and rather than warm wine and cold vol-au-vents, the meetings have been given structure and more formality to denote seriousness.
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