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April Fool! A round up of the best (and worst) hoaxes

Publié par Clifford Armion le 04/02/2010

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Adam Gabbatt

"The origin of April Fool's day is much disputed.

"Some claim Chaucer's tale of a vain cock in Nun's Priest's Tale, written around 1392, inspired centuries of hoaxes.

"Others suggest the reference within 1508 French poem Eloy D'Amerval to an "April Fish" (ho ho ho) is the truer source of the 1 April prank.

"Examiner.com has a further 8 theories, including the calendar being changed and the notion of an April Fool being someone who mistook 1 April for 1 May, and thus launched into May Day celebrations a month early.

"Whatever your theory as to the day's origin, the most famous April Fool is, according to Museum of Hoaxes, beyond doubt: the 1957 BBC Panorama piece on Switzerland's little-known spaghetti harvest."

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