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A Trillion for Europe, With Doubts Attached

Publié par Clifford Armion le 05/11/2010

James Kanter, David Jolly and Sewell Chan

"Like the giant financial bailout announced by the United States in 2008, the sweeping rescue package announced by Europe eased fears of a market collapse but left a big question: will it work long term?

"Stung by criticism that it was slow and weak, the European Union surpassed expectations in arranging a nearly $1 trillion financial commitment for its ailing members over the weekend and paved the way for the European Central Bank to begin purchases of European debt on Monday, Landon Thomas Jr. and Jack Ewing write in The New York Times.

"Markets rallied around the world in response to the concerted defense of the euro, a package that exceeded in size the United States bank bailout two years ago." Read on...
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