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XIIe Table Ronde sur le Théâtre Tudor, "Folly and Politics"

Publié par Clifford Armion le 16/01/2018

Wednesday 7 September 14:30 Welcome of participants; opening remarks 15:00 Bob Godfrey (University of Northampton): Performing Reform: Erasmus's _Moriae Encomium_ and the Politics of Religion in Sixteenth-Century England and Europe 15:45 Stephen Longstaffe (University of Cumbria): Bakhtin and Staging the English Radical Tradition 16:30 André Lascombes (Université de Tours, CESR): Elliptic Wudemen: Fits of Madness Ending in Tragedy or Parody, from _Dux Moraud_ to _The Winter's Tale_ 17:15 Donald Beecher (Carleton University, Ottawa): The Madness of Despair in _The Yorkshire Tragedy_ (1608) and the Dilemma of Literary Emotions Thursday 8 September 9:00 Olena Lilova (Zaporizhia Classic Private University, Ukraine): Tudor Domestic Theatre: In Search of Political Consent through Folly 9:45 Sarah Carpenter (University of Edinburgh): The Politics of Unreason: David Lindsay's _Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis_ and the Practices of Folly 11:00 Elisabeth Dutton (Université de Fribourg): Fansy and Folly in _Magnyfycence_ 11:45 Greg Walker (University of Edinburgh): To Speak Before the King, it is no Child's Play': _Godly Queen Hester_ in 1529 14:00 Andrew Hiscock (University of Bangor): John Heywood's _Johan Johan_ (1533) and the Politics of Service and Control in Henrician England 14:45 Mike Pincombe (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne): The Folly of Politiques: Richard Edwards's _Damon and Pythias_ and the Problems of Professional Politics' 18:00-19:30 Dramatic Reading (in English translation): _The Visionaries_ (Folly Sublime and Sexual Politics, according to Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin's inimitable comedy of 1637) (Auditorium de Musicologie, 5 rue François-Clouet, 37000 Tours) Friday 9 September 9:00 Marie-Hélène Besnault (Université de Tours): Malcontents and Political Folly: Variations on the Theme 9:45 Pascale Drouet (Université de Poitiers): Madmen Exhibited and Bad Governors Exposed: Bedlam on the late Jacobean Stage (_The Pilgrim_ and _The Changeling_) 11:00 Claire Bardelmann (Université de Metz): Untuning Politics in Thomas Heywood's Tragedy _The Rape of Lucrece_ (1607) 11:45 Michael Hattaway (New York University in London): Falstaff the Woodman 14:00 Pauline Ruberry-Blanc (Université de Tours, CESR): Ridicule Soothes the Savage Breast: Driving Out Madness with Folly in _As You Like It_ and _Philaster_ 14:45 Richard Hillman (Université de Tours, CESR): (Im)politic Jesting: Lear's Fool and Henri III's 15:30 Peter Happé (University of Southampton): All mine own folly': The Adaptation of Folly in _The Winter's Tale_ 16:15 Conclusions: Discussion Round the Table