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Schéma accentuel et nature - Nom /10/ Verbe /01/

Par Manuel Jobert : Professeur des Universités - Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
Publié par Clifford Armion le 15/05/2012
Cette partie du précis d'anglais oral, consacrée à l’accent lexical, aborde la question des mots pour lesquels l'accentuation se déplace suivant qu'ils fonctionnent comme des noms ou comme des verbes.

Un certain nombre de mots anglais sont à la fois des noms, des verbes, voire aussi des adjectifs. Ces mots, constitués d’un préfixe indétachable, sont régulièrement accentués sur la première syllabe quand ils fonctionnent comme des noms et sur la deuxième quand ils fonctionnent comme des verbes : a rebel / to rebel. Il en existe une petite centaine dont voici les principaux :

Abstract Accent Impact Import Addict Concert Increase Insult Concord Concrete Object Perfect Conduct Confine Perfume Permit Conflict Contact Present Proceeds Content Contest Produce Progress Contract Contrast Project Prospect Convert Convict Protest Rebel Decrease Desert Record Refuse Detail Digest Reject Subject Escort Exploit Suspect Torment Export Extract Transfer Transport

Le moyen le plus sûr est de mémoriser ces mots (et leurs différents schémas accentuels) en contexte.

There was a conflict between the two parties.
Such decisions conflict with company policy.
He has signed a contract with the owner.
He felt his muscles contract during the exercices.
Read this extract from a press article.
The dentist wanted to extract three of my teeth.
The cost of transport is constantly rising.
You must transport him to the nearest hospital.
This product must be an export given its quality.
We intend to export most of our production.
This case contains articles destined for import.
We have no choice but to import exotic fruit.
The contrast between the two cars is striking.
You have to compare and contrast the documents.
I have asked for a transfer to another flight.
You can transfer your money to the new account.
He is making progress in Spanish.
The building work can only progress very slowly.
Petty theft is on the increase again.
The number of cars per household will increase.
We noted a decrease in the number of volunteers.
The amount of money donated may decrease.
I will be present today to receive my present.
They will present her with a bouquet of flowers.
His latest record has sold out. An all-time record.
These people record everything you say.
His teachers said his conduct had been exemplary.
They are going to conduct a police enquiry.
Fresh produce is on sale at the farm.
They aim to produce a variety of foodstuffs.
Many of his fans turned up to see the contest.
I intend to contest his decision to suspend me.
They are interviewing the usual suspects.
He suspects Joe was involved in the hold-up.
The subject of his essay was given by the teacher.
He will subject the boy to rigorous tests.
He can certainly bake a perfect cake.
He wants to perfect his writing skills.
The convict was allowed to see his wife.
He is eager to convict him of manslaughter.
They are organising a protest against the new law.
They will protest until the government reacts.
Her son is a convert to the Catholic faith.
Don’t forget to convert some money into euros.
He went off into the desert for forty days.
Please do not desert those in need.

I have no use for such a fancy object.
I must object to you leaving early every night.
Her son is turning into quite a rebel.
I intend to rebel against his authority.
I don’t care to quote the insult that he paid me.
He clearly meant to insult his parents.
A young escort was waiting in the hallway.
May I escort you to your car, Sir?
He tells us about his exploits and adventures.
He exploits his family’s generosity
Are you a frequent traveller?
Do you frequent cafés all over France?
You need a permit to fish in this pond.
I will not permit anyone to take risks.
Buy a reject; they are fifty per cent cheaper.
I fear they may reject your application.
New housing is needed for the overflow of people.
The waste water may overflow into the street.
Physical attributes are of minor importance.
Jones attributes this play to Congreve.
The prospect of returning to work appalled him.
He is to prospect for new talent.
I heard she had become a drug addict.
The staff ares addicted to coffee and cigarettes.
His rowdy ways caused an upset in the classroom.
The naughty boys upset the little girl.
They attend all the concerts held at the school.
Their concerted efforts finally paid off.
He must remain within the confines of the grounds.
The soldier was confined to a wheelchair.
Please supply the following details on the form.
The catalogue details all the items very clearly.
All refuse must be placed in the bins provided.
I decided to refuse his enticing offer.
Her illness brought years of torment for her family.
The other children torment him about his stammer.
The entrance is at the back of the building.
Her beauty is said to entrance those who stare.
Always check the retail price before ordering.
He loves to retail his neighbour’s business.
You will get a discount if you buy now.
Please discount any reports suggesting it is true.
Start by examining the contents of the package.
She will indeed content herself with second best.


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