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12 ressources contiennent le mot-clé identity.

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“Somewhere between coloured and white”: ambivalence and loss of bearings in Caryl Phillips’ A View of the Empire at Sunset

par Mathilde Branchereau, publié le 14/02/2024

article.png [Fiche] In A View of the Empire at Sunset, Caryl Phillips proposes a fictionalised version of the life of novelist Jean Rhys – a Creole woman from Dominica expatriated in Europe – as a mirror image of the decline and dissolution of the British colonial Empire over the course of the 20th century. By depicting the protagonist’s struggle to find a sense of belonging, the novel highlights how colonial subjects may be confronted to a feeling of identity ambivalence and a loss of bearings.

The American Wilderness: an Ambivalent Image of Self-regeneration and Psychological Disintegration. From Dead Man (1995) to Into the Wild (2007).

par Martin Berny, publié le 03/06/2021

article.png This presentation deals with the wilderness motif in contemporary American literature and American cinema. Going back to the origins of this ambivalent image, it aims at explaining the underlying ideology that actively contributes to the endless process of mythogenesis of the American nation. On the individual level, it is through a journey of self-reinvention or reconstruction of the self that the wilderness appears as either a path to a metaphorical rebirth or as a dangerous place where one has to face the perils of psychological disintegration. Focusing on historical notions and topics such as Turner’s Frontier thesis, the Transcendentalist movement, or the representation of Native Americans in popular culture, this article deals with the limits of the American dream of self-transcendence. It explores works such as Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man (1995) and both Jon Krakauer’s non-fiction bestseller Into the Wild (1996) and its film adaptation directed by Sean Penn (2007).

The Travelers, Regina Porter (2019)

par Jillian Bruns, publié le 23/02/2021

texte.png monographie.png Fiche de lecture du roman "The Travelers" de Regina Porter.

Mobility and Immobility in Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn: Migration as a Static Initiatory Journey

par Coline Pavia, publié le 01/07/2020

article.png Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn centres on Eilis Lacey’s migration from Ireland to Brooklyn. The protagonist’s spatial mobility is accompanied by an identity change, as her self evolves when she settles in New York. Although she embarks on an initiatory journey through migration, Eilis faces various forms of immobility: the American territory resembles Ireland, and she is confronted to family duty when she thought she would escape it. This article therefore shows that the protagonist’s migration in Brooklyn is paradoxically mainly static, in terms of both space and identity. However, Eilis’s mobility still fosters a form of inner transformation as she is faced with a division between her Irish and American homes and between two selves that are irreconcilable.

Dana Spiotta: Disillusion

par Dana Spiotta, publié le 15/09/2015

article.png Ce texte original de Dana Spiotta a été écrit dans le cadre des Assises Internationales du Roman 2015.

Identity (Dana Spiotta)

par Dana Spiotta, publié le 26/08/2015

article.png I read obituaries. I love to read about people who were notable for one thing—say the woman who appears in a famous photo at Kent State. I am drawn to what people think of as failures: the guy who backed the wrong videotape format or the guy who lost an election after a tweet. I like to read about people whose lives took dramatic turns, like the guy who spent most of his life running an ice cream shop in New Jersey but secretly had a past life as a war criminal. I am fascinated by secret lives or multiplex identities. I imagine the day-to-day ordinary life, what does it feel like over time. I wonder about consequences, guilt, and redemption. I wonder how your past shapes who you are. And I wonder about the life that takes shape around an event. How a fleeting moment can change you, or maybe not. Maybe you are you no matter what.

Some Thoughts on Identity

par Claude Arnaud, publié le 18/01/2013

article.png It is the topic par excellence, the enigma that is impossible to solve. This puppet that we call somewhat pompously “The Self,” what is it in the end? An actor who resigns himself, around the age of thirty, to play only one role, or a born clown who struggles to understand himself, having changed so often?

Some Thoughts About Memory, Identity, and the False Family Narrative

par Mira Bartók, publié le 15/01/2013

article.png Identity and family legacy are partially formed by the family “memory narrative”—a family member, usually our mother or father, tells us stories about what happened before we were born or when we were too young to remember momentous events. But what happens when that narrator in the family is mentally ill, or a compulsive liar? In my case, my schizophrenic mother was the unreliable narrator of our family history. And my alcoholic father, a gifted writer who left when I was four, told my mother’s family grandiose lies about his own past.

Beauty, Intensity, Asymmetry

par François Chaignaud, publié le 16/02/2012

article.png "Beauty, Intensity, Asymmetry are born in my mouth like three goddesses ripe for veneration - far more than Identity, Gender, or Transgression, and utterly different from them. But this Beauty, of which we know only that some wish to buy but never to sell it, much less allow it to disappear or cause it to flee - nor to be the man or woman who no longer possesses anything but memories of it - is she a prescriptive goddess?"

Aboriginal Australians and the white population, a troubled relationship

par ENS Lyon La Clé des Langues, publié le 03/01/2012

dossier.png exercice.png Ce dossier sur les relations difficiles entre aborigènes et blancs en Australie regroupe trois ressources accompagnées d'exercices de compréhension et de production orales et écrites, ainsi que d'analyse d'image.

Sally Morgan, Citizenship (1988)

par Sally Morgan, ENS Lyon La Clé des Langues, publié le 03/01/2012

exercice.png type-image.png telechargement.png Sally Morgan est une auteure et une artiste australienne aborigène. Ses travaux traitent des relations troublées entre aborigènes et population blanche en Australie au cours du XXème siècle. A partir d'une oeuvre de cette artiste, cette page propose plusieurs exercices d'analyse d'image.

Fiche de lecture : Arthur and George, Julian Barnes

par Thibaud Harrois, publié le 07/05/2008

article.png The novel is based on an actual story, known as the "Great Wyrley Outrages". At the end of the 19th century, George Edalji, a solicitor from Great Wyrley, a village near Birmingham, was wrongly found guilty of slaying a number of farm animals. He was sentenced to seven years in jail. In 1906, Edalji was released but he was not pardoned. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous author of the Sherlock Holmes stories, was involved in the case. Indeed, he tried to prove the man's innocence and was at the source of what was considered as an English Dreyfus Case.