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Scotland’s No

par Alistair Cole, publié le 29/09/2014

article.png Shortly before the Scottish referendum on independence, I visited the impressive city of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. Though the Scottish referendum eventually produced a No of over 55%, the once second largest city in the Empire was one of only four districts to vote Yes (just over 53%). I had correctly judged the atmosphere in this city, but elsewhere the story was rather different. In 28 of the remaining 32 districts, the No vote carried the day, including in SNP stronghold areas such as Angus and Perthshire...

Kirsty Gunn: Sound and Writing

par Kirsty Gunn, publié le 08/09/2014

article.png That sound you hear, as though coming off the lonely Scottish hills, through the fine Highland air, passing across straths and glens, along rivers and to the sea... Is the sound of the piobaireachd, the classical music of the great Highland bagpipe, a music made for Gatherings, Salutes and Laments, a grand and grave and complicated music - Ceol Mor it is in Gaelic - The Big Music. The Big Music, too, is the title of my latest work of fiction - not a novel, but an elegy, as Virginia Woolf described all her work - a story that sounds as much as it says... An experience of words, of a story of people and a landscape, of a love story played across generations, that nevertheless sounds in the mind...

Divisions in Glasgow go well beyond football

par Tracy McVeigh, ENS Lyon La Clé des Langues, publié le 01/07/2011

article.png exercice.png A partir d'un article de Tracy McVeigh, journaliste au Guardian, traitant des violences ayant eu lieu lors de match de football opposant les deux principaux clubs de Glasgow, cette page propose des exercices de compréhension générale et détaillée, ainsi que de grammaire.

Ken Loach, Ae Fond Kiss

par ENS Lyon La Clé des Langues, publié le 01/07/2011

type-video.png exercice.png telechargement.png Cette page propose un court extrait du film "Ae Fond Kiss" de Ken Loach (avec l'aimable autorisation de Sixteen Films) . Ce document est accompagné d'exercices de compréhension générale et détaillée, ainsi que de phonétique.

Sectarianism in Glasgow

par ENS Lyon La Clé des Langues, publié le 01/07/2011

dossier.png exercice.png Ce dossier sur le sectarisme dans la ville de Glasgow regroupe trois ressources accompagnées d'exercices de compréhension et de production orales et écrites, ainsi que d'analyse d'image.

Coming in from the Cold? The Thatcher Legacy, Devolution and Cameron’s Conservatives in Scotland 1979-2009

par Peter Lynch, publié le 23/02/2010

article.png In opposition, Conservative leaders such as Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron adopted quite different strategies to deal with Scotland and devolution. Mrs Thatcher's intention was to avoid splitting her own party over the devolution issue in advance of the 1979 devolution referendum,with an emphasis on party management. Cameron has had to deal with a more complex picture due to the institutional reality of devolution, the unpopularity of the Conservatives in Scotland and the election of the SNP government in 2007. This environment brought a cautious but positive approach to Scotland from Cameron, involving five different strands of territorial management in preparation for the 2010 UK general election.