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28 March 2024 - Assisted dying could become legal in Scotland

Publié par Marion Coste le 28/03/2024

Could assisted dying be coming to Scotland?

James Cook (BBC, 28/03/2024)

Scotland could become the first UK nation to provide terminally-ill people with assistance to end their lives if a bill that has been introduced at Holyrood is approved.

Supporters of the legislation say it would ease suffering.

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UK membership of Dignitas soars by 24% as assisted dying in Scotland moves closer

Robert Booth (The Guardian, 28/03/2024)

UK membership of Dignitas, the Swiss assisted dying association, has jumped to 1,900 people – a 24% rise during 2023 – as an assisted dying bill is laid before the Scottish parliament.

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Assisted dying backed by large majority of Scots, poll finds

Jody Harrison (The Herald, 28/03/2024)

A large majority of voters in Scotland believe the law should be changed to allow assisted dying, according to a new poll.  

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Scotland's Assisted Dying Bill must not be another addition to Holyrood’s list of botched legislation 

Paul Wilson (The Scotsman, 28/03/2024)

As debate rages over the enforcement from Monday of the Hate Crime Act, MSPs must now grapple with another contentious piece of legislation that is bound to polarise opinion. The conspicuous volume of duff Bills at Holyrood in recent years might instil little confidence in the ability of parliamentarians to grapple with what is literally a matter of life and death.

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