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26 March 2024 - Baltimore bridge collapses

Publié par Marion Coste le 26/03/2024

Rescuers are searching for multiple people in the water after Baltimore bridge collapse, report says

Melissa Alonso and Elizabeth Wolfe (CNN, 26/03/2024)

Rescue crews are searching for at least 7 people in the Patapsco River after multiple vehicles fell into the water when the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed overnight, a Baltimore City Fire Department spokesperson told the Associated Press.

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Bridge falls into river with pedestrians after being hit by large ship

Matt Mathers (The Independent, 26/03/2024)

A huge bridge has collapsed into the Patapsco River in Baltimore, after a container ship crashed into the structure in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

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'Mass casualty event' as Baltimore Key Bridge collapses

(BBC, 26/03/2024)

Data from MarineTraffic, a ship tracking platform, shows a lot of congestion in the area around the bridge, with increased traffic of anchored vessels further south, between the city of Annapolis and Kent Island.

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Major Bridge in Baltimore Collapses After Being Struck by Cargo Ship

(The New York Times, 26/03/2024)

A major bridge in Baltimore collapsed after being struck by a cargo ship early Tuesday, setting off an emergency response, the Coast Guard and the local authorities said.

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