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25 March 2024 - Kate Middleton forced to disclose cancer diagnosis

Publié par Marion Coste le 25/03/2024

Out of control media left Kate with little choice over opening up about health

Alexandra Topping (The Guardian, 23/03/2024)

When she met Prince William, the heir to the British throne, more than 20 years ago at St Andrews University, Catherine, the Princess of Wales had her first taste of the appetite for news about her life and her budding romantic involvement with the young prince.

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The Moral Plea Behind Kate Middleton’s Cancer Disclosure

Anthony Lane (The New Yorker, 22/03/2024)

There is no good way to break bad news, but some ways are more testing than others. Some people, whether from cowardice or an excess of bravery, refuse to break it even to themselves. The toughest of duties, it is widely agreed, has to be the delivery of dark tidings to loved ones, but, in the wake of a statement made by Catherine, Princess of Wales, on Friday, we can now think of something worse.

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I‘ve been revelling in Kate Middleton conspiracy theories. Now, I’m ashamed

Ryan Coogan (The Independent, 25/03/2024)

I’ve never been much of a royal watcher, but I’ll admit it: for the past three weeks I was scrutinising grainy photographs and plotting out globe-spanning conspiracies with the best of them.

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I Hope You All Feel Terrible Now

Helen Lewis (The Atlantic, 22/03/2024)

For many years, the most-complained-about cover of the British satirical magazine Private Eye was the one it published in the week after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997. At the time, many people in Britain were loudly revolted by the tabloid newspapers that had hounded Diana after her divorce from Charles, and by the paparazzi whose quest for profitable pictures of the princess ended in an underpass in Paris.

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