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24 June 2024 - Dublin's litter problem

Publié par Marion Coste le 24/06/2024

Dublin city centre 'in reverse' when it comes to litter - IBAL

George Lee (RTÉ News, 24/06/2024)

"Dublin's city centre seems to be in reverse" when it comes to cleanliness, according to a spokesperson for the Irish Business Against Litter group.

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Littered Dublin streets ‘threaten’ tourism as new survey shows the capital is ‘deteriorating’

Darragh Nolan (Irish Independent, 24/06/2024)

The level of cleanliness is ­“deteriorating” in Dublin city centre, according to the latest survey from Irish Businesses Against Littering (Ibal).

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Re-turn deposit return scheme helps reduce litter, according to IBAL and An Taisce

David Kent (Irish Examiner, 24/06/2024)

The introduction of the Government’s Deposit Return Scheme has led to an overall improvement in the level of litter on Irish streets.

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Shane Coleman on Dublin's Litter Problem: 'Why Are We Still Using Plastic Bags?'

Jack Quann (Newstalk, 24/06/2024)

Ireland needs to do better when it comes to cleaning the streets and enforcing litter laws, according to Shane Coleman.

The Newstalk Breakfast presenter was responding to a new survey which found Dublin City Centre remains ‘littered’.

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