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22 March 2024 - Ireland's Leo Varadkar resigns as Taoiseach

Publié par Marion Coste le 22/03/2024

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar resigns, saying: 'I'm not right for the job now'

(Sky News, 20/03/2024)

In a statement delivered in Dublin, Mr Varadkar said his reasons for leaving were "both personal and political".

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‘I couldn’t find anyone to stab me in the back, so I fell on my sword instead,’ Varadkar tells private Fine Gael meeting

Irish Independent Newsdesk (The Irish Independent, 20/03/2024)

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has announced he is stepping down as Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader.

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The Guardian view on Leo Varadkar: he stood firm against Brexit’s threat

Editorial Board (The Guardian, 21/03/2024)

Leo Varadkar’s resignation as Fine Gael leader and Irish taoiseach was as close to a total surprise as modern politics is capable of springing. He is 45 and seems in robust health. Ireland’s economy is in comparatively resilient shape. There is another year to run for the three-party coalition.

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As Leo Varadkar departs, who in the Irish government will hold off Sinn Féin?

Shawn Pogatchnik (Politico, 22/03/2024)

Leo Varadkar’s surprise decision to quit as Irish prime minister stunned his party and government partners — but shock has quickly given way to a defiant determination to cling to power under an energized new chief.

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