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21 March 2024 - Conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton's whereabouts

Publié par Marion Coste le 21/03/2024

‘Where is #katemiddleton?’: theories on Kate’s whereabouts go global

Esther Addley, Dan Milmo and Andrew Roth (The Guardian, 20/03/2024)

When the Sun published images of the Prince and Princess of Wales shopping at a farm shop at the weekend, it said it was doing so “in a bid to end weeks of online speculation which has seen wild conspiracy theories about Kate spread unchecked”.

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Why is the royal family so bad at this?

Monica Hesse (The Washington Post, 20/03/2024)

On Monday afternoon, the Zapruder film of the Kate Middleton mystery analysis manifested on TMZ. It showed the Princess of Wales walking with her husband out of a Windsor farm shop, and while she didn’t look exactly glamorous — donning leggings and athleisure wear — she didn’t look, you know, dead, which seemed to put an end one of the more wackadoo theories on the internet: that the woman had expired, and that the royal family had spent several months cribbing from “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

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Kate Middleton, Britney Spears and the Online Trolls Doubting Their Existence

Tiffany Hsu (The New York Times, 20/03/2024)

Kate Middleton has long been a magnet for unproven rumors: She pressured an art gallery to remove a royal portrait! She split from her husband! She changed her hairstyle to distract from pregnancy rumors! She did not give birth to her daughter!

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Kate Middleton ‘to make soft return’ to public duties after surgery and photo row

Matt Mathers (The Independent, 20/03/2024)

The Princess of Wales will make a “soft return” to public life over Easter weekend once she has fully recovered from her surgery, according to a report.

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