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13 February 2024 - Bird flu sends Scotland's seabirds into 'catastrophic' decline

Publié par Marion Coste le 13/02/2024

Bird flu causing ‘catastrophic’ fall in UK seabird numbers, conservationists warn

Phoebe Weston (The Guardian, 13/02/2024)

The UK has lost more than three-quarters of its great skuas on surveyed sites since bird flu struck, according to the first report quantifying the impact of H5N1 on seabird populations.

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'Pirate of the seas' Great Skua in big decline after bird flu

Georgina Rannard (BBC News, 13/02/2024)

A powerful bird known as the pirate of the seas has declined dramatically because of avian flu, the RSPB says.

Great Skuas soar around the UK's coasts stealing other birds' food but their numbers in 2023 were down by 76%, the charity says in a report.

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Seabird deaths 'catastrophic' as census reveals scale of devastation to numbers due to bird flu

George Mair (The Scotsman, 13/02/2024)

The searbird census carried out on behalf of the RSPB has revealed a devastating impact on Scotland’s seabird populations caused by avian flu.

Urgent action is needed to save Scotland’s seabirds, it has been claimed, as a report reveals for the first time the extent of the devastation on populations caused by avian flu.

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Antarctica’s Penguins Could Be Devastated by Avian Influenza

Meghan Bartels (Scientific American, 12/02/2024)

Scientists are watching closely to see whether avian influenza will reach Antarctica before this year’s penguin chicks disperse for the season.

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