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12 April 2024 - O. J. Simpson Dies Aged 76

Publié par Marion Coste le 12/04/2024

O.J. Simpson, Football Star Whose Trial Riveted the Nation, Dies at 76

Robert D. McFadden (The New York Times, 11/04/2024)

O.J. Simpson, who ran to fame on the football field, made fortunes as an all-American in movies, television and advertising, and was acquitted of killing his former wife and her friend in a 1995 trial in Los Angeles that mesmerized the nation, died on Wednesday at his home in Las Vegas. He was 76.

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OJ Simpson: the complicated cultural legacy of a fallen star

Andrew Lawrence (The Guardian, 11/04/2024)

Before he was the world’s most infamous murder suspect, OJ Simpson did not have a reputation for killer performances. David Zucker, the director of the 1988 comedy classic The Naked Gun, only hired the Buffalo Bills great for the ironic potential. Which is to say he was a big celebrity who could be had for cheap.

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Nothing is important but the victims: Father of Ron Goldman, stabbed next to Nicole Brown, speaks on OJ death

Louise Boyle (The Independent, 11/04/2024)

The father of Ron Goldman, who was murdered alongside his friend Nicole Brown 30 years ago, said the news of OJ Simpson’s death was a further reminder of how long his son has been gone, and how much he is missed.

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An Incendiary Defense

Jeffrey Toobin (The New Yorker, 18/07/1984)

When Robert Shapiro rose from his chair, on July 9th, to give his summation at O. J. Simpson’s preliminary hearing on murder charges, he could not explain away the most damaging evidence against his client—matching bloody gloves.

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