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12 March 2024 - Australia's Great Barrier Reef in grip of 'mass bleaching event'

Publié par Marion Coste le 12/03/2024

Fifth mass coral bleaching event in eight years hits Great Barrier Reef, marine park authority confirms

Graham Readfearn (The Guardian, 08/03/2024)

The Great Barrier Reef is in the grip of a mass coral bleaching event driven by global heating – the fifth in only eight years – the marine park’s government authority has confirmed.

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Great Barrier Reef: New mass bleaching event hits World Heritage site

Tiffanie Turnbull (BBC News, 08/03/2024)

Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef is suffering another mass bleaching event, officials have confirmed.

Bleaching occurs when heat-stressed corals expel the algae that gives them life and colour.

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Great Barrier Reef being ‘cooked’ by an ‘underwater bushfire’ that can’t be put out, scientists say

Shannon Molly (News, 05/03/2024)

Disturbing new footage of one of Australia’s most iconic natural wonders has been released — and it has horrified scientists warning of an “underwater bushfire”.

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Climate Pollution Is 'Cooking' The Reef With Law Reform Needed

(Cimate Council, 05/03/2024)

The Climate Council is sounding the alarm on a severe bleaching event unfolding across the Great Barrier Reef, with new vision showing the damage that stretches more than 1100 kilometres from Lizard Island to the Keppel Islands.

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