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11 June 2024 - Joe Biden awaits verdict in his son's federal gun trial

Publié par Lucas Leone le 11/06/2024

Why is Hunter Biden on trial? Inside the federal gun charges

Bernd Debusmann Jr. (BBC, 03/06/2024)

Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, is on trial in Delaware, making him the first child of a sitting president to be a criminal defendant.

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How a General Motors retiree found Hunter Biden's gun while rummaging through trash

Xerxes Wilson and Isabel Hughes (USA Today, 07/06/2024)

Delaware resident Edward Banner says he has rummaged through public trash bins for more than two decades.

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The key family members involved in the Hunter Biden trial

Derek Hawkins and Shelly Tan (The Washington Post, 08/06/2024)

The criminal trial of Hunter Biden unfolding in Delaware has offered an intimate and at times painful window into the ways drug addiction can fracture a family — and how those wounds can linger long after recovery.

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Joe Biden’s agonizing wait as a jury deliberates his son’s fate

Stephen Collinson (CNN, 11/06/2024)

Another president is waiting for another verdict from another jury.

Less than two weeks after Donald Trump learned he had been convicted of 34 criminal counts in his hush money case, Joe Biden is enduring his own agonizing vigil as his son Hunter awaits the outcome of his gun trial.

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