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09 February 2024 - Fight to save Australian Swift parrot

Publié par Marion Coste le 09/02/2024

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio calls for action against logging to protect the endangered Tasmanian Swift Parrot in social media post

Laurence Karacsony (Sky News, 09/02/2024)

Hollywood movie star and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has expressed his concern for the future of the Tasmanian Swift Parrot in his latest post on Instagram.

On Friday, DiCaprio posted a photo of the endangered bird to his 62 million Instagram followers with a caption which detailed an ongoing legal battle in the Supreme Court of Tasmania.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Backs Swift Parrot Protection, End to Native Forest Logging

(Tasmanian Times, 09/02/2024)

Bob Brown Foundation is celebrating the release of an Instagram post by Leonardo DiCaprio calling for swift parrot protection and an end to native forest logging in Tasmania and Australia. Reaching 62 million around the globe, this is global coverage for the critically endangered swift parrot that is on the path to extinction due to logging.

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‘Watching extinction in real time’: conservationists losing hope for Australia’s swift parrot if logging continues

Lisa Cox (The Guardian, 10/10/2023) 

"They’re really cute. They are very chatty. When they’re around you know they’re around,” says conservation scientist Giselle Owens. “They make this little flying call – it goes ‘pip, pip, pip, pip’.”

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Dozens of woodland bird species are threatened, and we still don’t know what works best to bring them back

Jessica Walsh, Martine Maron and Michelle Gibson (The Conversation, 26/04/2023)

Australia’s woodland birds include colourful parrots, flitting honeyeaters, bright blue fairywrens and the unassuming “little brown birds”. Some, such as willie wagtails, laughing kookaburras and rosellas are found in urban gardens. Others, such as swift parrots and regent honeyeaters, are exceptional rarities for which bird enthusiasts spend days or weeks searching.

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