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08 January 2024 - Harvard President Claudine Gay forced to resign after plagiarism claims

Publié par Marion Coste le 08/01/2024

Harvard’s Claudine Gay was ousted for ‘plagiarism’. How serious was it really?

Andrew Lawrence (The Guardian, 06/01/2024)

Claudine Gay’s days as Harvard president may well have been numbered from the moment she appeared to equivocate on whether theoretical calls for violence against Jewish people violated Harvard’s rules while testifying before Congress last month. But it was allegations of plagiarism that ultimately led to her resignation on Wednesday.

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Plagiarism charges downed Harvard’s president. A conservative attack helped to fan the outrage

Collin Blinkley and Moriah Balingit (AP News, 04/01/2024)

American higher education has long viewed plagiarism as a cardinal sin. Accusations of academic dishonesty have ruined the careers of faculty and undergraduates alike.

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Why Some Academics Are Reluctant to Call Claudine Gay a Plagiarist

Emma Green (The New Yorker, 05/01/2024)

On Tuesday, Claudine Gay resigned as president of Harvard University, just six months into a tenure marked by campus unrest and controversy. After Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7th, a number of Harvard student groups released a statement blaming Israel for the violence. 

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Why does Claudine Gay still work at Harvard after being forced to resign as its president? She’s got tenure

Ray Gibney (The Conversation, 05/01/2024)

Harvard University President Claudine Gay resigned on Jan. 2, 2024, less than one month after University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill stepped down. They called it quits amid uproar among conservative lawmakers and several major donors regarding what they saw as Gay’s and Magill’s underwhelming responses to antisemitism on their campuses. In Gay’s case, there were also accusation of plagiarism.

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