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03 May 2024 - Pro-Palestinian campus protests in the US

Publié par Marion Coste le 03/05/2024

Biden says 'order must prevail' after UCLA Gaza protest camp cleared

Sam Cabral (BBC News, 03/05/2024)

US President Joe Biden has urged pro-Palestinian protesters on university campuses to uphold the rule of law.

"We are a civil society, and order must prevail," Mr Biden said from the White House, in his first direct remarks about a wave of student unrest.

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Police appear to fire rubber bullets at UCLA protesters

(CNN, 03/5/2024)

Authorities move farther into the encampment on UCLA's campus and fire what appears to be rubber bullets, according to a CNN team on the ground.

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Inside UCLA's Palestinian Solidarity Encampment — Before Police Tore It Apart

Lil Kalish and Jessica Schulberg (The Huffington Post, 02/05/2024)

More than 200 UCLA students, faculty and staff were arrested early Thursday morning after police destroyed the campus’ Palestinian solidarity encampment, wielding batons and less-lethal munitions to break up the crowd and disassemble the barriers to the tent community that was erected one week ago.

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Police at UCLA clear anti-Israel encampment, make over 130 arrests

Chris Pandolfo, Landon Mion, Elizabeth Pritchett, Scott McDonald, Bradford Betz and Louis Casiano (Fox News, 03/05/2024)

Police in riot gear detained several anti-Israel agitators and cleared an encampment at UCLA following an hours-long confrontation early Thursday. Anti-Israel protests continue on college campuses nationwide and dozens have been arrested where protests have escalated.

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