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02 July 2024 - US Supreme Court rules Trump has immunity from criminal prosecution

Publié par Marion Coste le 02/07/2024

US supreme court rules Trump has ‘absolute immunity’ for official acts

Hugo Lowell (The Guardian, 01/07/2024)

The US supreme court has ruled that former presidents are entitled to some degree of immunity from criminal prosecution, a major victory for Donald Trump that guts the 2020 election subversion case against him and any prospect of a trial before November.

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Is Trump Immune From Criminal Charges? What To Know About Ex-President’s ‘Immunity’ Claims As Supreme Court Rules Today.

Alison Durkee (Forbes, 01/07/2024)

The Supreme Court is expected to rule Monday whether former President Donald Trump has “immunity” from criminal charges for some actions taken while he was president—a major ruling that could clarify one of the ex-president’s most favored legal defenses, as Trump has claimed he has immunity in all four of the criminal cases against him.

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Biden issues a warning about the power of the presidency – and Trump – after Supreme Court’s immunity ruling

Betsy Klein, Michael Williams, Jack Forrest and MJ Lee (CNN, 01/07/2024)

President Joe Biden on Monday condemned the Supreme Court’s decision which ruled that presidents have an absolute immunity from prosecution for core official acts, and issued a stern warning over a possible second term for former President Donald Trump.

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The Supreme Court Puts Trump Above the Law

Adam Serwer (The Atlantic, 01/07/2024)

Near the top of their sweeping, lawless opinion in Trump v. United States, Donald Trump’s defenders on the Supreme Court repeat one of the most basic principles of American constitutional government: “The president is not above the law.” They then proceed to obliterate it.

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