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01 February 2024 - Nicola Sturgeon gives evidence at Covid Inquiry

Publié par Marion Coste le 01/02/2024

Nicola Sturgeon's reputation on the line at UK Covid inquiry

James Cook (BBC News, 31/01/2024)

Nicola Sturgeon is giving evidence to the UK Covid inquiry in Edinburgh.

At the height of the pandemic, Scotland's then first minister was a near-constant presence on the nation's TVs and her popularity soared.

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COVID inquiry: Five key moments from Nicola Sturgeon's testimony

Jenness Mitchell (Sky News, 31/01/2024)

Former Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon found herself in the hot seat as she gave evidence at the UK COVID-19 inquiry.

Here are five key moments from the day as the inquiry - currently sitting in Edinburgh - probes the devolved administration's response to the pandemic.

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Nicola Sturgeon at the Covid inquiry: by turns defensive, lawyerly and very raw

Libby Brooks (The Guardian, 31/01/2024)

Nicola Sturgeon cut a solitary figure as she walked into the UK Covid inquiry on Wednesday morning, sombre-suited and met by shouts of “Where are your WhatsApps?”

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Nicola Sturgeon’s ruined legacy

Andrew McDonald (Politico, 31/01/2024)

Nicola Sturgeon once towered over every political rival in Britain, a multi-election winner whose soaring popularity reached far beyond party lines.

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