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Vous êtes ici : Accueil / Key story / Archives Revue de presse - 2020 / 11 December 2020 - Street art of sneezing woman in Bristol confirmed as Banksy

11 December 2020 - Street art of sneezing woman in Bristol confirmed as Banksy

Publié par Marion Coste le 11/12/2020

Banksy confirms he created 'Aachoo!!' artwork in Bristol

Amy Walker (The Guardian, 10/11/2020)

Banksy has confirmed he is behind an artwork showing an older woman sneezing out her false teeth which has appeared on a house in Bristol.

The stencil mural entitled “Aachoo!!”, on the side of a semidetached house in Totterdown, had been covered up before its unveiling on Thursday morning.

It shows a woman in a headscarf holding a handkerchief but dropping her walking stick and handbag as she loses her dentures while sneezing.

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Banksy sneezing woman artwork appears on Bristol house

(BBC News, 10/11/2020)

The creation entitled "Aachoo!!" on the side of a semi-detached house in Totterdown, depicts a woman in a headscarf sneezing and her dentures flying into the air.

Resident Dale Comley, said he saw a "bulky guy in a high vis jacket" early on Thursday who he thinks was Banksy.

The artist has since authenticated the work on his website and Instagram page.

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Cover your mouth! Banksy claims mural of sneezing woman in Bristol

Kabir Jhala (The Art Newspaper, 10/12/2020)

A new work by the street artist Banksy has appeared on the side of a house in his hometown of Bristol.

The work, titled Aachoo!!, depicts a woman sneezing with such force that her dentures are seen flying into the air. It was installed on the exterior of a semi-detached house in the neighbourhood of Totterdown yesterday morning, but only claimed by Banksy today on his Instagram page.

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Banksy's Bristol artwork picture features mystery man being 'blown over'

Sian David and Imogen McGuckin (Bristol Post, 10/12/2020)

A mystery man has appeared in a photograph on Banksy’s website confirming a new mural in Totterdown is the artist’s latest work.

The image, which has also been shared on the artist’s Instagram account with the caption ‘Aachoo!!’, shows an elderly woman sneezing her false teeth out, facing up the hill from the bottom of steep Vale Street.

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