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27 June 2023 - Report finds widespread discrimination in English cricket

Publié par Annalena Geisler le 27/06/2023

Equity in Cricket report: Discrimination 'widespread' in English and Welsh cricket

Stephan Shemilt (BBC News, 27/06/23)

Racism, sexism, classism and elitism are "widespread" in English and Welsh cricket, according to a long-awaited independent report.

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Institutional racism and sexism infects English cricket, an independent report finds

James Robson (ABC News, 27/06/23)

An independent commission has found that institutional racism, sexism and class-based discrimination continue to infect English cricket.

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English cricket’s reign of shame exposed with devastating admission of guilt

Jonathan Liew (The Guardian, 27/06/23)

Damning report must act as a brutal wake-up call and a line cannot be drawn under this with prejudice rife within the sport

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Cricket in crisis: How Azeem Rafiq’s testimony on racist abuse shines light on the sport’s deep-rooted problems

George Ramsay (CNN, 09/11/21)

“From early on there was a lot of, ‘You lot sit over there near the toilets,’ the word ‘P***’ was used constantly, no one ever stamped it out,” said former cricketer Azeem Rafiq as he laid bare this week his experience of racial abuse at one of England’s top clubs.

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