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Nikolai Grozni: The Whispers of Music Lost

par Nikolai Grozni, publié le 10/09/2014

article.png “Only the words break the silence, all other sounds have ceased,” writes Beckett in his Texts for Nothing. Or does he sing it? If words were the only sounds, then a sentence would be the only melody. We might never understand which came first—the words or the melody. Perhaps the first humans knew how to sing long before they knew how to talk. In this Dionysian vision of antiquity, all mortals were originally musicians. Music was the only thing that mattered. People understood each other by inventing mimetic melodies and singing together in tune. They appeared, loved, suffered, worshipped the gods and died like opera singers on stage.

American Indians - A conversation with David Treuer

par David Treuer, Clifford Armion, publié le 08/09/2014

type-video.png texte.png entretien.png David Treuer took part in the eighth edition of the Assises Internationales du Roman, organised by the Villa Gillet and Le Monde. He answered our questions on his involvement in the protection of Indian culture.

The Truth of Pussy Riot

par Masha Gessen, publié le 21/02/2014

article.png A great work of art is also often not immediately recognizable. Five young women entered the enormous Cathedral of Christ the Savior early in the morning on February 21, 2012, took off their overcoats to expose differently colored dresses and neon-colored tights, pulled on similarly neon-colored balaclavas, climbed up on the soleas (having lost one of their number in the process—she had been grabbed by a security guard), and proceeded to dance, play air guitar, and sing a song they called a “punk prayer,” beseeching Mother of God to “get rid of Putin.”

Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece: the wound that cannot heal

par Clifford Armion, publié le 17/09/2010

article.png In Shakespeare's works, the assaults on the body and the marks they leave in the flesh constitute a complex form of language. The shape of the wound, its seriousness, its position on the body, the situation in which it was inflicted, the terms and metaphors used to describe it: all these elements contribute to its semantic load.

An interview with Beverley Naidoo

par Beverley Naidoo, Clifford Armion, publié le 01/06/2010

entretien.png texte.png Un entretien accordé à La Clé des langues par Beverley Naidoo suite à son déplacement dans l'académie de Rouen.