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Pictures Versus the World

par Barbie Zelizer, publié le 24/01/2014

article.png For as long as pictures have been among us, they have generated an uneasy mix of suspicion and awe. Perhaps nowhere is that as much the case as with journalism, where pictures are implicated in the larger truth-claims associated with the news. Aligned with a certain version of modernity, pictures are expected to establish and maintain journalism as the legitimate platform for giving shape to events of the real world. Consider how public response to acts of terror, war and natural disaster is affected by decisions not to depict them. Without pictures to show the news, journalism’s capacity to render the real and make it accessible is compromised.

Barbie Zelizer on the power of images

par Barbie Zelizer, Clifford Armion, publié le 06/01/2014

entretien.png type-video.png texte.png Barbie Zelizer is a Professor of Communication, and holds the Raymond Williams Chair of Communication and is Director of the Scholars Program in Culture and Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. A former journalist, Professor Zelizer's work focuses on the cultural dimensions of journalism, with a specific interest in journalistic authority, collective memory, and journalistic images in times of crisis and war. She also works on the impact of disciplinary knowledge on academic inquiry.

Are You Going to Write That in Your Book?

par Siddhartha Deb, publié le 03/12/2013

article.png Born in north-eastern India in 1970, Siddhartha Deb is the recipient of grants from the Society of Authors in the UK and has been a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Studies at Harvard University. His latest book, a work of narrative nonfiction, ((The Beautiful and the Damned)), was a finalist for the Orwell Prize in the UK and the winner of the PEN Open award in the United States. His journalism, essays, and reviews have appeared in Harpers, The Guardian, The Observer, The New York Times, Bookforum, The Daily Telegraph, The Nation, n+1, and The Times Literary Supplement.

L’envers du Rêve Américain à travers « La Littérature »

par Morgane Jourdren , publié le 26/03/2010

article.png Toutes les versions du Rêve américain constituent la trame d'un discours que l'Amérique n'a jamais cessé de se tenir et de tenir sur elle-même. Ce Rêve d'une terre de tous les possibles, d'une terre idyllique, ancré dans l'inconscient collectif, c'est tout d'abord la presse qui le remet en question, à l'époque du muckraking notamment. Toute une génération de journalistes et d'écrivains met ainsi en lumière l'envers d'un rêve américain que les images de photographes et de cinéastes engagés ne démentiront pas.

The Ethics of the BBC

par Beth Harper, publié le 04/07/2009

article.png This essay will look at the ways in which the ethics of the BBC have been manifested, compromised and disputed by drawing upon particular instances of crisis, both in its endorsement of certain popular culture personalities in its programming, and in its BBC News coverage of international events such as the Iraq war and the Arab-Israeli conflict. We shall see the controversy that has surrounded the BBC in recent times and investigate the various debates on public morality, journalistic integrity and cultural sensitivity that have ensued.