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Amitava Kumar: Immigritude

par Amitava Kumar, publié le 25/10/2019

texte.png monographie.png Every year, the English-speaking writers invited to the Assises Internationales du Roman write the definition of a word of their choice.

"Language is a movement between scattered forms": Interview with Amitava Kumar

par Amitava Kumar, Natacha Lasorak, publié le 25/10/2019

type-video.png texte.png entretien.png Amitava Kumar is an Indian writer and journalist who teaches literature at Vassar College. In this interview, he talks about his collection of essays Away: The Indian Writer as an Expatriate (2004) and his novel Immigrant, Montana (2017), and focuses on the notion of "home", immigration, the caste system and the political situation in India.

Mary Creagh and Emma Reynolds (Labour MPs) on Brexit and #MeToo

par Mary Creagh, Emma Reynolds, publié le 11/09/2018

texte.png entretien.png Les élèves de la classe d'ECS1A du Lycée Ampère (Lyon) sont allés en juin dernier à la rencontre de deux parlementaires travaillistes, Mary Creagh et Emma Reynolds. L'échange, ici retranscrit, porte notamment sur les enjeux du Brexit ainsi que le mouvement #MeToo.

Immigration to the United States of America: Current Challenges and Debates

par Anne-Kathrin Marquardt, publié le 11/05/2017

type-image.png article.png This paper, written in April 2017, gives an overview of recent immigration to the United States and the immigrant population of America. It outlines the consequences for the demographics and politics of the country and summarises the contentious issues in the debate around immigration reform. It focuses on executive action taken since 2012, during the Obama and Trump presidencies, right up to the present day.

Immigration to the United States of America - Glossary

par Anne-Kathrin Marquardt, publié le 04/05/2017

texte.png bibliographie.png This glossary comes with the paper “Immigration to the United States of America: current challenges and debates”, which was written in April 2017. An asterisk (*) refers to an entry in the glossary.

Doug Saunders on migration

par Doug Saunders, Clifford Armion, publié le 05/12/2013

entretien.png type-video.png texte.png Migration almost always follows the same pattern. It doesn’t go from one country to another country. It goes from a cluster of villages or a sub-rural region to specific urban neighbourhoods. Those urban neighbourhoods which are usually low-income, with low housing cost, serve as the bottom rung of the ladder for people arriving in a new country.