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David Treuer: Forgotten World / Forgotten Words

par David Treuer, publié le 18/09/2014

article.png We speak confidently and playfully about the “death of the author” but not one wants to seriously consider the death of literature. But this is precisely what we risk when we treat literature as ethnography, or worse, as the last living remnants of what seem to be vanishing cultures. We don’t read novels, at any rate, to educate ourselves. Or if we do we shouldn’t. And if we do commit this soul error we don’t enjoy novels because of the information they contain. Rather, we enjoy them, we clutch novels to our very souls because they move us, surprise us, transport us, entertain us, shock us, and (ultimately) trick us into caring about people and places that don’t exist and never existed.

American Indians - A conversation with David Treuer

par David Treuer, Clifford Armion, publié le 08/09/2014

type-video.png texte.png entretien.png David Treuer took part in the eighth edition of the Assises Internationales du Roman, organised by the Villa Gillet and Le Monde. He answered our questions on his involvement in the protection of Indian culture.