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An interview with Jerry Schatzberg par Jerry Schatzberg, Clifford Armion, publié le 18/10/2011
Jerry Schatzberg started his career as a photographer and made his debut as a film director with Puzzle of a Downfall Child in 1970. Three years later he won the Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix for Scarecrow with Gene Hackman and Al Pacino. He was invited by the Festival Lumière to present a restored copy of his first film and was kind enough to answer a few questions on his work as a photographer and director.
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Interview de Richard Russo - Assises Internationales du Roman 2011 par Richard Russo , Clifford Armion , publié le 30/08/2011
Richard Russo won the 2002 Pulitzer Prize with his novel Empire Falls. In May 2011, he took part in the fifth edition of the Assises Internationales du Roman, organised by the Villa Gillet and Le Monde. He was kind enough to grant us an interview at the Hotel Carlton in Lyon.
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Paul Auster - Bibliographical resources par Jocelyn Dupont, publié le 13/02/2009
A critical bibliography, list of online resources, and Paul Auster's prose and fiction.