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For Free Union in Criticism par Pierre Bayard, publié le 14/02/2012
The idea of attributing old works to new authors is not original. It has long been practiced by those lovers of literature, our students, who do not hesitate to attribute The Old Man and the Sea to Melville or War and Peace to Dostoevsky. What is interesting is that this kind of reinvention is not always properly appreciated by teachers. Students are not the only readers to practice reattribution. Scientific discoveries have on occasion forced historians of literature - and even more, of art - to ascribe works to creators other than those to whom they were at first incorrectly attributed...
Mise en contexte de la littérature anglaise par Frédéric Regard, publié le 29/06/2007
Frédéric Regard propose dans cet article une mise en perspective historique et politique de la production littéraire anglaise au fil des siècles. Ces éléments de mise en contexte sont à lire en parallèle avec l'ouvrage du même auteur, La littérature anglaise (Que sais-je?, 2007).