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At the Intersection(s) of Aesthetics and Politics: Bernardine Evaristo’s Girl, Woman, Other (2019) par Annalena Geisler, publié le 25/05/2022
Even before winning the prestigious Booker Prize in 2019, Bernardine Evaristo had been an integral part of the British literary landscape, not only because of her experimental style, but also due to her activism and wish to cut down discrimination in the literary institution. In Girl, Woman, Other, the British writer with Nigerian and Irish roots, attempts to give a voice to Black British women, who have long been invisible and voiceless in the public sphere.
Angela Davis posters par Clifford Armion, publié le 07/02/2014
On October 13, 1970, Angela Davis was arrested in New York City by FBI agents. She soon became a global icon suggesting freedom, resilience, and the struggle for equality. Her image was used to illustrate many causes that sometimes had little to do with racial discrimination or the American Civil Rights movement.
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In Support of Affirmative Action par Randall Kennedy, publié le 06/02/2014
There are several good justifications for racial affirmative action in a society that has long been a pigmentocracy in which white people have been privileged and people of color oppressed. Affirmative action can ameliorate debilitating scars left by past racial mistreatment – scars (such as educational deprivation) that handicap racial minorities as they seek to compete with whites who have been free of racial subordination. Affirmative action can also counter racially prejudiced misconduct. True, an array of laws supposedly protect people in America from racial mistreatment. But these laws are notoriously under-enforced...
Negotiating the Transformations of History par Clifford Armion, publié le 27/01/2014
This is an extract from Angela Davis's The Meaning of Freedom, a collection of speeches and papers dealing with the author's life-long struggle against oppression, inequality and prejudice.
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Rencontre avec Randall Kennedy par Randall Kennedy, Kédem Ferré, publié le 10/01/2014
Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy answered Aiguerande 11th graders before a conference at the Hôtel de Région for the Villa Gillet Mode d'Emploi festival, on 24 November 2013 in Lyon, France. The meeting was organised by the Villa Gillet and La Clé des Langues, and was prepared by Kédem Ferré and his students.
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The Black Panther Party's fight against medical discrimination par Alondra Nelson, Claire Richard, publié le 09/01/2012
Claire Richard asks Alondra Nelson about a neglected and yet essential legacy of the Black Panther Party. When the party emerged in 1966, the Jim Crow laws had been dismantled and there was no legal support for discrimination in the United States, but there were still segregated practices within the healthcare sector. As the saying goes, when America has a cold, African Americans have pneumonia. The Black Panthers fought for healthcare equality as a way to achieve social justice. Alondra Nelson tells us about the clinics they created where they did basic healthcare but also screening and vaccination programs. They were asking for a universal healthcare system which the USA still don't have today...
Breaking Bounds in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things par Catherine Pesso-Miquel, publié le 13/05/2011
This article on Arundhati Roy's novel focuses more particularly on the idea of dividing lines, turned into parodied, ridiculous devices, and on their transgression. Analysing in particular the love scenes between the two lovers and the incest scene between the two twins, it attempts to define the differences rather than the similarities between such scenes, asking the question: is transgression necessarily linked with progression? The article will show that Roy, like other Indo-Anglian novelists such as Salman Rushdie, goes to war with the sacrosanct notion of purity, celebrating instead mixing, hybridizing, and the blurring of boundaries.
Mr Brainwash's wall painting par ENS Lyon La Clé des Langues, publié le 04/02/2011
Cette page propose une photo d'une peinture murale de l'artiste Mr Brainwash, qui représente trois des grands noms du mouvement pour les droits civiques (Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama). Ce document est accompagné de plusieurs exercices permettant une analyse de l'image.
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Randall Kennedy on Obama's victory par Randall Kennedy, ENS Lyon La Clé des Langues, publié le 03/02/2011
Cette page propose un article de Randall Kennedy, professeur de droit à Harvard, sur la victoire de Barack Obama aux élections présidentielles. Ce document est accompagné de questions de compréhension générale et détaillée, ainsi que d'un exercice de grammaire.
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Sectarisme religieux et football en Ecosse par Fabien Jeannier , publié le 26/03/2009
L'installation dans les régions industrielles d'Ecosse de larges communautés d'Irlandais a souvent généré des tensions importantes entre communautés catholique et protestante. A Glasgow, les confrontations entre les deux plus grands clubs de football de la ville, le Celtic F.C. et le Rangers F.C., sont très rapidement devenues un terrain d'expression privilégié et violent de ces tensions communautaires. Malgré la sécularisation de la société et des mesures institutionnelles, cela reste aujourd'hui un sujet de préoccupation de la population et des dirigeants.