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Qu'est-ce qu'un acte d'écriture ? Analyse d'un cas : les promesses de mémoire adressées aux morts du 11/9 par Béatrice Fraenkel, publié le 29/01/2015
Dans le cadre de la construction d'une anthropologie pragmatique de l'écriture, Béatrice Fraenkel, anthropologue et directrice d'étude à l'EHESS, interrogera cette notion, à partir d'une analyse de cas : celui des "promesses de mémoire" (ex. "we will never forget you") recueillies à New York après le 11/9. Il s'agira à la fois de proposer une analyse des énoncés comme actes de langage (Austin), comme acte d'écriture, en prenant appui sur leur matérialité (affichage, autographie, signature etc) et la situation dans laquelle ils sont produits, et de proposer une interprétation concernant la mémoire promise par ces actes d'écriture, en prenant appui sur les travaux d'Arendt, d'Halbwachs et de Ricoeur.
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Remembering 9/11 - Politics of Memory par Marita Sturken, Claire Richard, publié le 31/03/2014
One of the reasons I was interested in trying to unpack the meanings of kitsch memory culture, say for instance in relationship to 9/11, is precisely the ways in which it creates this culture of comfort, that allows us to feel reassured. And that allows us to not confront the larger questions, about the project of American empire, about the project of national identity, about our priorities and our values as a nation, and about the kind of sacrifices that we have demanded on those serving in the armed forces, and all of the ways in which many families and many communities were really devastated by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...
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The 9/11 memorial, an ambitious renunciation par Clifford Chanin, ENS Lyon La Clé des Langues, publié le 15/01/2013
A partir d'une interview de Clifford Chanin, directeur de l'éducation et des programmes au 9/11 museum de New York, sur le mémorial du 11 septembre 2001, cette page propose des exercices de compréhension générale et détaillée, ainsi qu'un exercice de phonétique.
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The 9/11 memorial - Interview and footage of the WTC site par Clifford Chanin, Clifford Armion, publié le 30/10/2012
The original World Trade Centre site was 16 acres which if my calculations are correct is about 10 hectares in French geographical terms. So it was a very large space in the centre of the downtown Wall Street business district in New York. Those two buildings were each 110 stories tall. Each floor was an acre square. So you had 10 million square feet of floor space in those buildings. It really was an attempt to build the largest buildings in the world and bring companies from around the world to do business in those buildings. Once the attacks came and the buildings collapsed, it emerged very quickly in the planning process that the actual footprints of the buildings, those places were the they stood, were considered sacred ground.
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Fiche de lecture : Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Jonathan Safran Foer par Alice Bonzom, publié le 07/05/2008
The novel narrates the story of Oskar Schell, a precocious nine-year-old inventor, pacifist, percussionist, and Francophile, whose father died during the attacks of 9/11. A couple of years after his father’s death, he finds a mysterious key in an envelope with the name “Black” on it, in a vase in a closet. Sure that the key belonged to his father, he decides to visit everyone named “Black” in the five boroughs of New York to discover what it opens. Intertwined with Oskar’s quest are letters written by his grandparents, who went through the bombings of Dresden in the Second World War.
Fiche de lecture : The Good Life, Jay McInerney par Armelle Calonne, publié le 07/05/2008
The Good Life is a story about many things: it deals with love and loss, with life and death, with contradictory feelings that, in the end, are all but one.