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Manuel Jobert - publié le 16/04/2013

Authors sometimes pepper their writings with features of orality. Charles Dickens, Emily Brontë, Thomas Hardy or George Bernard Shaw have become household names renowned for this propensity to rely on the vocal medium. Orality, however, is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of possible meanings. In this paper, I shall mainly be concerned with direct speech and the way it represents spoken discourse proper.

Mick Short - publié le 24/04/2012

Mick Short (Lancaster University) was invited by Manuel Jobert as part of the tenth edition of the ((Discourse Analysis Conferences)), organised by the Société de Stylistique Anglaise and Lyon 3. After giving some precious advice to students in stylistics and explaining the "foregrounding theory", he analysed a number of texts including the front page of a British tabloid, a poem by Robert Frost and a passage from Colum McCann’s ((Let the Great World Spin)).