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Question d'actualité - The Cost of the British Monarchy par Annalena Geisler, publié le 06/07/2023
The coronation of King Charles III on the 6th of May 2023 has provoked much debate in the United Kingdom: the cost of living crisis, worsened by inflation, has prompted many citizens to criticise the large sums spent on royal festivities. This points to growing scepticism regarding the cost and relevance of the Royal Family, especially since the death of Queen Elizabeth II. This page provides resources to help understand the cost and finances of the monarchy and the royalist and antiroyalist sentiments of the British people.
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Art, Debate and the Evolution of Ideas par Christine Vandamme, publié le 27/11/2020
Dans le cadre de l'enseignement de spécialité LLCER anglais, Christine Vandamme propose une réflexion sur les arts et le débat d’idées. Cette conférence a été organisée conjointement par l'académie de Grenoble et l'Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA).
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Immigration to the United States of America: Current Challenges and Debates par Anne-Kathrin Marquardt, publié le 11/05/2017
This paper, written in April 2017, gives an overview of recent immigration to the United States and the immigrant population of America. It outlines the consequences for the demographics and politics of the country and summarises the contentious issues in the debate around immigration reform. It focuses on executive action taken since 2012, during the Obama and Trump presidencies, right up to the present day.
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Immigration to the United States of America - Glossary par Anne-Kathrin Marquardt, publié le 04/05/2017
This glossary comes with the paper “Immigration to the United States of America: current challenges and debates”, which was written in April 2017. An asterisk (*) refers to an entry in the glossary.
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The Myth of Concordia par Nadia Urbinati, publié le 23/02/2015
The place of God in the constitution has been one of the most sensitive issues in the debate on the constitutional treaty of the European Union, and has influenced the process of ratification. In the five decades since the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957, European leaders have tried to build a united Europe on a secular foundation of treaties and economic regulations. These no longer seem to be adequate to the task. Lately, efforts have been made to include another factor – religion...
The gun control debate in the US par James B. Jacobs, Claire Richard, publié le 08/04/2014
I consider myself a gun control skeptic. I do not believe, at this point in our history, with 300 millions firearms in private hands, and a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and a political situation in which there is a very very small number of politicians who are willing to take a strong position on firearms, that there is a serious potential for regulatory controls. I don’t think that will happen. There is no magic bullet, if you can excuse the phrase, that will change American violence, but the good news is that it has been reduced substantially over the last 25 years....
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William Hogarth - Debates on Palmistry par Vincent Brault, publié le 20/06/2013
Reproduction commentée de l'oeuvre "Debates on Palmistry" du graveur anglais William Hogarth.
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Frederick Wiseman on Reality and film par Frederick Wiseman, publié le 03/09/2012
The provocative starting point sent to me for this debate states that "Artists and writers are vampires who feed on reality." I do not think this is any more true of artists and writers than it is of anybody whether they be doctor, lawyer, used car salesman, fishmonger, politician, farmer, priest, housewife or any of the other hundreds of thousands of jobs that exist.
The end of privacy: the state and surveillance - a debate between Jeffrey Rosen and Didier Bigo par ENS Lyon La Clé des Langues, Jeffrey Rosen, Didier Bigo, publié le 22/09/2011
Le degré de surveillance auquel les Etats occidentaux astreignent leurs citoyens a considérablement augmenté au cours des dernières années, que ce soit dans les espaces publics ou sur internet. La menace du terrorisme a généré d'innombrables mesures, mais dans l'après-11 septembre, quelle part de notre liberté sommes-nous prêts à sacrifier au nom de la sécurité ? Le spécialiste français du droit international Didier Bigo en débat avec l'expert américain, Jeffrey Rosen.
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An interview with Jonathon Porritt par Jonathon Porritt, Tom Cuthbertson, publié le 09/11/2010
Jonathon Porritt was a prominent member of the Ecology Party in the 70's and 80's. He later became Tony Blair's chief environmental adviser and was chair of the Sustainable Development Commission. He was invited by Libération to take part in a debate on sustainable economy with Yannick Jadot.
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Jonathon Porritt on sustainable economy par Jonathon Porritt, publié le 09/11/2010
Jonathon Porritt was a prominent member of the Ecology Party in the 70's and 80's. He later became Tony Blair's chief environmental adviser and was chair of the Sustainable Development Commission. He was invited by Libération to take part in a debate on sustainable economy with Yannick Jadot.
Peter Ainsworth on degrowth par Peter Ainsworth, publié le 28/09/2010
Peter Ainsworth, a former MP and shadow minister of environment, came to Lyon in September 2010 to take part in a debate on the question of degrowth. He expressed his views on the need to promote sustainable energy without asking democracies, companies and individuals to forsake economic growth.
An interview with Peter Ainsworth par Peter Ainsworth, Clifford Armion, publié le 28/09/2010
Peter Ainsworth is a former Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister of Environment. He was invited by Libération to take part in a debate on degrowth. He was kind enough to answers our questions on the energy policy of the United Kingdom.
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New Labour and the neo-liberal ascendancy: the case of public service reform par Eric Shaw, publié le 01/03/2010
A much debated topic has been the fundamental thrust of the New Labour project. Was it about the modernisation of social democracy or its abandonment? Did it adapt itself to the settlement bequeathed by Thatcherism and the neo-liberal paradigm it entrenched or seek it transcend it? This article discusses these contending interpretations focusing on the issue of public service reform, which lay at the heart of New Labour's domestic programme. It then explores the effects of New Labour's market-oriented 'modernisation' strategy on what social democrats have traditionally regarded as the normative underpinning of the public services, the 'public service ethos'.
The Ethics of the BBC par Beth Harper, publié le 04/07/2009
This essay will look at the ways in which the ethics of the BBC have been manifested, compromised and disputed by drawing upon particular instances of crisis, both in its endorsement of certain popular culture personalities in its programming, and in its BBC News coverage of international events such as the Iraq war and the Arab-Israeli conflict. We shall see the controversy that has surrounded the BBC in recent times and investigate the various debates on public morality, journalistic integrity and cultural sensitivity that have ensued.