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06 November 2020 - Trump team gears up for legal battle over US election

Publié par Marion Coste le 06/11/2020

Trump Launches Broad Legal Gambit Paired With Moves To Raise Public Doubts On Results

Philip Ewing (NPR, 05/11/2020)

President Trump's campaign has unleashed a multipronged legal offensive directed at states where vote counting continued Thursday based on unsupported allegations about fraud and irregularities in the election.

Attorneys for the Trump campaign sought intervention from the U.S. Supreme Court and also filed suit in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada seeking remedies they hoped would help their prospects in those places. In some instances, that included requests for counting to cease altogether or at least pause for a time.

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Trump family call on Republican leaders to pledge support

Courtney Weaver, Kiran Stacey (Financial Times, 06/11/2020)

Donald Trump’s children and closest allies have accused Republican leaders of betraying him by failing to endorse the president’s baseless claims of fraud in the US presidential election. Mr Trump’s supporters rounded on senior Republican members of Congress on Thursday night after the president attempted to cast doubt on results in several battleground states as Joe Biden, his Democratic rival, edged closer to victory.

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Is the show finally over for Trump?

Judith Butler (The Guardian, 05/11/2020)

There was never any question that Donald Trump would fail to make a gracious and swift exit. The only question for many of us was just how destructive he would become in the course of his downfall. I know “downfall” is usually reserved for kings and tyrants, but we are operating in that theatre, except here the king is at once the clown, and the man in power is also a child given over to tantrum with no discernible adults in the room.

We know that Trump will try to do anything to stay in power, to avoid that ultimate catastrophe in life – becoming “a loser”.

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The Count from 'Sesame Street' is the perfect foil to Trump's bonkers election strategy

Nicole Gallucci (Mashable, 05/11/2020)

Who had "The Count from Sesame Street becomes the star of election memes" on their 2020 bingo card? 

My guess is no one! But in the midst of this exhausting ballot counting chaos it's nice to see our old friend, Count von Count — the vampire Muppet who's an expert at counting — dominating our timelines.

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