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William Hogarth - Six Tickets

The several Designs collected in this Plate require no particular description. They are given as specimens of the facility with which Hogarth descended to minor subjects, at the same time embellishing them with strokes of his peculiar vein of pleasantry and humour; and each of them sufficiently evinces the purpose it was intended to recommend.

1. For Pasquin.

For Pasquin (HD download)

2. Thomas Figg, the noted Prize-fighter.

Thomas Figg, the noted Prize-fighter (HD download)

3. For the Mock Doctor.

For the Mock Doctor (HD download)

4. For Joe Miller.

For Joe Miller (HD download)


5. The Ram Inn at Cirencester.

The Ram Inn at Cirencester (HD download)

6. For the Beggar's Opera.

For the Beggar's Opera (HD download)

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