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William Hogarth - Sarah Malcolm

Sarah Malcolm (HD download)


On Sunday Morning, Feb. 4, 1732-3, Mrs. Lydia Duncombe, aged 80, Elizabeth Harrison, her companion, aged 60, were found strangled, and Anne Price, her maid, aged 17, with her throat cut, in their beds, at the said Mrs. Duncombe's apartments in Tanfield Court, in the Temple. Sarah Malcolm, a chare-woman, was apprehended the same evening, on the information of Mr. Kerrol, who had chambers on the same staircase, and had found some bloody linen under his bed, and a silver tankard in his close-stool, which she had hid there. A Verdict of "Wilful Murder" was found by the Coroner's Inquest against Sarah Malcolm ; who was executed on the 7th of March. She put on red, to sit to Hogarth for her picture, two days before her execution.
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