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Portraits of Hogarth

PORTRAIT of Hogarth with his Dog Trump (HD download)

the two Portraits of our great Artist which are given in this Collection, the earliest exhibits his head in a cap; his pug-dog Trump ; and a palette, with the Line of Beauty, &c. inscribed, "Gulielmus Hogarth seipse pinxit et sculpsit, 1749."

From the original engraving of this Plate, Hogarth, in the year 1763, erased his own head ; and in its place inserted, "The Bruiser, C. Churchill (once the Rev.), in the character of a Russian Hercules," &c.

This Portrait was again engraved, in 1795, by Benjamin Smith, from the original in the possession of J. J. Angerstein, Esq. and published by Messrs. Boydell. In this the three books are lettered, "Shakspeare," "Swift," "Milton's Paradise Lost ;" and the palette is inscribed, "The Line of Beauty and Grace."

In 1758, Hogarth published a second Portrait of himself, a full-length, painting the Comic Muse, inscribed, "W. Hogarth, Serjeant Painter to his Majesty. Engraved by W. Hogarth." This being a mistake of the writing engraver, the Painter altered it to "The face engraved by W. Hogarth." In a third impression, "The face engraved by W. Hogarth" omitted. In a fourth state, "Serjeant Painter," &c. scratched over with the graver.

Present state, the face re-touched. Comedy also has the face and mask marked with black; and on the pillar is written, "Comedy, 1764." No other inscription beneath the print, than "W. Hogarth, 1764."

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