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William Hague hid Lord Ashcroft's tax status for months

The Guardian, 4 March 2010
Publié le : 4 mars 2010
 Polly Curtis, Allegra Stratton and and Nicholas Watt 

"The turmoil at the top of the Tory party over the tax affairs of Lord Ashcroft escalated last night as the former leader, William Hague, admitted he had known "for a few months" that the peer had renegotiated the terms under which he took his place in the House of Lords.

"Hague's disclosure put pressure on himself and the party to explain why they have repeatedly evaded questions about the matter in a succession of recent interviews. It also highlighted how Ashcroft, the Conservative deputy chairman, kept his tax status secret for almost a decade from his closest Tory ally and the man who lobbied hardest for his peerage in 2000.

"The admission, in a BBC interview, came amid growing signs of tension between the Cameron and Hague camps over Ashcroft, who is central to the party's general election campaign. Members of David Cameron's circle believe Hague has mishandled the issue."

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