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High street brands accused of exploiting Asian workers

The Guardian, 7 October 2009
Publié le : 7 octobre 2009
 Huma Qureshi and Rebecca Smithers 
"High street British brands are being accused of exploiting factory garment workers in Asia by failing to pay them enough to live off in a report published today.

"The report, entitled Let's Clean Up Fashion: the State of Pay Behind the UK High Street, published by sweatshop campaigning group Labour Behind the Label, criticised UK retailers for having "no coherent strategy" to ensure hundreds of thousands of workers receive a decent wage.

"A 'living' wage is the accepted term for pay and conditions above the legal requirement of a basic minimum wage which enable workers to properly feed, clothe, house and educate their families - but anti-poverty groups say garment-exporting countries are setting their minimum wage significantly below a living wage, in order to help attract British retailers' push for cheap fashion." Read on...
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