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BBC documentary lifts the lid on offensive code used to describe disabled and jobless

The Independent, 29 January 2013
Publié le : 29 janvier 2013
 Rob Williams 
A documentary investigation into one of the firms responsible for delivering the Government's £5bn Work Programme claims to have found evidence of staff using an 'offensive' code to describe disabled and jobless people.

Clients of Triage, a key player in the Government's plan to pay private companies to move people from benefit into work, were referred to as 'LTB' - code for "lying, thieving bastards", a former employee alleges.

Linda Smith, who worked for Triage, which operates in Scotland and the north of England, told the BBC that the term was used to describe jobless and disabled clients, and that the company used a practice known as 'parking' to keep disabled people on their books.

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