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Les formations en ligne (FLOTs ou MOOCs)

Cette page vous propose une sélection des formations en ligne en lien avec la sphère anglophone. 

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Working with Translation: Theory and Practice

Cardiff University Translation is one of the most fundamental of human activities, allowing us to interact with one another within and across cultures.
Drawing on the latest research and contributions from professionals from southern Africa to northern Europe, you’ll learn a wealth of practical tips and gain understanding of the nature and process of translation in an increasingly multilingual world.
Début :
4 semaines

Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites

The University of Edinburgh and National Museums Scotland The Jacobites, loyal followers of an exiled king, sparked political upheaval in Scotland. From the Glorious Revolution of 1688 to the Battle of Culloden in 1746, their story is one of rebellions, plots, espionage, tartan-clad heroes and bloody defeat. It is a story clouded by failure and cloaked in romance, making it sometimes difficult to disentangle from the turbulent historical reality.
On this course you will unravel the Jacobite story. Using objects from National Museums Scotland you will discover the lives of the rulers and their followers who sought to change history.
Début :
3 semaines
Hadrian's Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier Newcastle University Explore the archaeology of the most heavily fortified frontier in the Roman Empire, its people and their lives.
Hadrian’s Wall stretches over 73 miles (117 km), from coast to coast in what is now Northern England. The Wall, complemented by a sophisticated system of outposts and coastal watch stations, offers a remarkable glimpse of ancient society. In addition to housing one of the largest concentrations of Roman soldiers anywhere in the Empire’s provinces, Hadrian’s frontier system was home to an incredibly cosmopolitan array of civilians.
Début :
6 semaines
Robert Burns: Poems, Songs and Legacy University of Glasgow This free course from the Centre for Robert Burns Studies, University of Glasgow, will introduce you to the life, works and global celebrity of Robert Burns.
You’ll examine poems, songs, manuscripts, and objects used to commemorate the poet. You’ll also develop your understanding of Robert Burns’s posthumous reputation - from Burns Suppers and Burns Night through to Hogmanay.
Début :
3 semaines
Shakespeare: Print and Performance King's College London, Shakespeare's Globe, British Library Why do we continue to read and perform Shakespeare’s works around the world today? How were his plays performed and printed 400 years ago, and how has our conception of Shakespeare changed over the centuries?
King’s College London has partnered with Shakespeare’s Globe and the British Library to explore how Shakespeare’s works continue to delight audiences around the world.
Début :
4 semaines
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- Géoconfluences propose une page MOOCs qui recense les formations en ligne en anglais portant sur des notions de géographie. 

- La page "MOOCs en géographie, se former autrement" rappelle le principe des MOOCs.
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