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Ed Miliband to say Labour was wrong over boom and bust

The Guardian, 28 September 2010
Publié le : 28 septembre 2010
 Patrick Wintour 

"Ed Miliband will today take the audacious step of denouncing the hubristic boast of his patron, Gordon Brown, that Labour could abolish economic boom and bust, saying the assertion simply fuelled the anger of voters confronted by economic insecurity and joblessness.

"The attempt by Miliband, in his first leader's speech to Labour conference, to swiftly distance himself from one of the central planks of his long-time boss is designed to show his leadership signals the arrival in power of "a new generation with different attitudes, different ideas and different ways of doing politics".

"But his efforts to show he can lead a united, re-energised party committed to redefining the centre ground of politics look likely to be hampered by the expected decision of his defeated brother, David, to leave frontline politics to give him the chance to lead on his own terms."

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