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Brown signals start of bitter election campaign

The Times, 16 November 2009
Publié le : 16 novembre 2009
 Philip Webster 

"Gordon Brown will fire the starting gun this week for a general election campaign that could run for six months. He will outline a programme of populist measures in the Queen's Speech and challenge David Cameron to support them.

"The Prime Minister is to emphasise his determination to carry on governing with a political programme designed to exploit Labour's differences with the Conservatives on health, education and the economy. He will use Wednesday's speech to reveal plans to provide free care at home for about 350,000 of the neediest people and to tear up risky bankers' contracts.

"Not all of the Bills can become law before the election but Labour intends to use them to smoke out the Conservatives on policy or put them on the spot. It is the most political Queen's Speech in 12 years, a Cabinet minister told The Times."

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