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After the Coalition: here is a Tory formula for a better future

The Daily Telegraph, 12 September 2011
Publié le : 12 septembre 2011
 Elizabeth Truss 

"The Coalition is essential, but it comes with a built-in expiry date. In this extraordinary period, when the grim consequences of Labour's spending spree have had to be dealt with, it is right that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats should have come together to stabilise Britain's economic position - and to implement reforms to welfare, taxation and education that lay the foundations for a better future.

"There will come a time, however, when we are no longer staring down the barrel of an economic gun, and when both parties have to make their separate cases to the people. To that end, a group of new Tory MPs have come together to produce a book, After the Coalition, which sets out a distinctly modern Conservative agenda. We believe that our programme - which will be serialised in The Daily Telegraph this week - will not only return David Cameron to Downing Street at the next election, but put Britain firmly on the path back to greatness."

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